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Mi India Development Trust (MIDT) is a not-for-profit organization that aims to alleviate poverty through socio-economic interventions. We strive to make a difference in the lives of Indians who live in poverty and believe that there is a need to undertake holistic development programme for the poor which will help them come out of poverty.


To undertake development activities in communities, both rural and urban, in the areas of education, health, renewable energy and agriculture with a view to end poverty.


  • To empower women through functional literacy in the slums and rural areas of India.
  • To develop model villages by carrying out holistic development interventions, either directly or in collaboration with strategic partners in the areas of education, health, renewable energy, and agriculture.


Functional Adult Literacy:
  • Further 300 women have undergone Functional Adult Literacy Training in Katputli colony of New Delhi, and they have completed their classes by March 31, 2017.
  • Over 700 women have been taught the basics in reading, writing and arithmetic in Delhi, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh slums. Mi India had used the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)'s "Computer Based Functional Literacy" (CBFL) program designed using multimedia which aims to educate a person in the basic 3 R's in about 60-70 hours (over 4 months) of creative learning. The programme is a combination of graphic visualization and repetition of sound patterns leading to recognition, retention, and recall of words. The multimedia format ensured the pronunciation of the word/ letters is taught accurately through the system. Material from National Literacy Mission has been adapted for use.

Priyanka, a field coordinator with MIDT has been working in the slums of Katputli of New Delhi colony for months and has motivated and helped educate around 400 women and teenage girls through the Functional Adult Literacy program. Her community skills have come in handy as she worked with these women and ensured they attend at least 80% of the classes to reap maximum benefit.

Priyanka's struggle is in bringing the learners to class every day. Festivals, sick family members, household work and their other responsibilities sometimes took precedence. She wanted them to realise the importance of education, not just for them, but also for their future generations as well.

Priyanka along with seven volunteer tutors helped create an environment that was homely and motivating. They took interest in the lives of the women attending these classes and did not limit themselves to impart the curriculum alone. There were discussion sessions, general knowledge talks and occasionally they would take time to listen to the various issues these women live with, as also share in their grief at times.

Previous Successful Program Highlights:

We worked with International Finance Corporation (IFC) in facilitating access to finance for water, sanitation and renewable energy in rural India. We worked with Dia Vikas' MFI partners, as also with Healing Fields Foundation, Barefoot Power and Tata Projects in providing clean drinking water, solar lights and sanitation products to reach over 100,000 households.

Preventive Health:

2114 women trained to be Community Health Facilitators (CHFs). These CHFs will reach out to over 200,000 households with health education. Livelihood opportunities created for them through the Sanitary napkin production unit and sale of solar lights. Also facilitated construction of over 7000 toilets in different locations in India.

Renewable Energy:

Solar lights have been installed in the homes of over 100 families in Lucknow, Delhi and Bihar.

Clean Drinking Water Solutions:

In Bihar and Odisha, MiDT has successfully facilitated installation of water purification systems which can provide 1,000 liters of clean drinking water per hour to over 300 families in the community.